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Cannibal With An Attitude Eating Guts

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In this short clip from Anthropophagus, a cannibal eats some guts just to spite a fascinated couple. In your face, mortal humans!

Anthropophagus = cannibal: a person who eats human flesh. Anthropophagi are cannibals, from the Greek anthropos man + phagos eating

Review: An idyllic island cruise turns nightmarish thanks to a deranged cannibal (George Eastman)… Thanks to two set-piece scenes of audacious tastelessness, Anthropophagus (AKA The Grim Reaper) has developed into a cult classic among EuroCultists. It’s a good thing director Joe D’Amato (AKA Aristide Massaccessi, formerly a talented cinematographer) opted to go for full-out nasty during those two sequences, because otherwise Anthropophagus is a rather tepid affair.

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